Warm Weather Shipping

We have three ways to get your Toffee House fix:

  1. Washington Crown Center (across from Marshalls) is Open Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm.
  2. Shipping - We ship all over the country, as long as it's cool where it's going.
  3. Other Retail outlets - Check our Where to Buy page for the most current retail locations that carry The Toffee House products. 

$12.95 Flat Rate Shipping applies to all the contiguous states which are consistently below 70°F. 

If you're shipping outside the US, call us for estimated international rates.

Warm Weather shipping information:

Although some states are cooler now, others are warmer and require us to use insulated packaging. For additional details, see our Shipping page. If the temps are above 70F at the destination, but within 2 days transit using UPS Ground (see map below), we can ship using insulated packaging for an additional fee.