Warm Weather Shipping Notice

If temperatures at the destination address or along the way are consistently at or above 70°F, we will ship in insulated containers. These containers are not meant as a guarantee against melting, just a way to lengthen the time the product can be in transit. No matter how much insulation, if a package is left outside all day after delivery, the chocolate will melt. If you're willing to assume the risk, we'll ship it in the insulated container. The shipping cost for items to these locations reflects our flat rate of $8 plus an additional $15 for the insulated packaging and ice packs.

If we feel that it's too warm, or too long a time-in-transit to ensure the product will get there in good shape, we have removed that state from shipping. If you want to take a chance, call us and we can ship it for you.

We are not able yet to ship to those states which are too warm and are more than 2 days away. As the weather cools, we'll add these states. (Heat melts chocolate). :(