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About Us

About Us


Laura, the brains, looks and
spirit of The Toffee House

Our toffee was first made by Laura. She founded The Toffee House® after friends and family told her that her English Toffee was so good that she just had to offer it to the rest of the United States.

She tried some variations, then stuck with the one that most people asked for - The Dangerous Stuff®



Since this is a family business, you're certain of a quality product that's made fresh almost every day of the toffee-making season.

Don helps out in production, sales, marketing, technology, and web site design. He takes John Paul or Tommy or Angie or Maria with him to the craft shows and spends his time on the trips talking with John Paul, selling toffee and wondering how Laura's doing with the 8 other kids, the store and production facility.

If it weren't for Laura's sisters Diane, Sue and Sue's husband Bill, Laura's brother Jim and his son Jim, things would be a lot more hectic over the holiday season. Now the older Ross kids are also working at the shop - Katie beautifies the toffee with her drizzling while Angie helps in the finishing and breaking areas. Since Matthew and Maria now have "real" jobs, we don't see much of them at The Toffee House - but they come to help out in a pinch. They all do a tremendous amount of work around the store and warehouse. We're grateful for their help.

Thank You to Everyone Who Watched Us on The Food Network


The Ross Family - Easter 2012

There must have been A LOT of people who tuned in to watch the Food Network's Recipe For Success back in 2005. It's exciting to know that our story, in some small way, has inspired others to follow their dream. Although we still go through growing pains, we're continuing on as we feel led. Thank you again for all of the support, understanding, patience and encouragement.


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