The Dangerous Stuff almond English toffee is our signature product. It was the first item we offered and is still the most popular. The toffee is made with butter, sugar and almonds - nothing else. Then we top it with milk chocolate and walnuts. To finish it, we drizzle dark and white chocolate on top. It is an amazing taste with a surprising crunch. We hope you enjoy eating it as much as we like making it by hand in our facility in rural Washington, PA.

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Heat melts chocolate. The cargo area of a UPS delivery truck can reach the 90's even when it is only in the 70's outside. Until the destination and shipping route cools to below 70 degrees consistently, we cannot ship our product. We want you to get the best, not a melted mess!
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Dangerous Stuff

Properly named! Can't just eat one piece! Never get tired of it! Great gift for all occasions.

Dangerous Stuff

Item is delicious! Properly named. Like lays potato chips "you can't just eat one!" Excellent gift for everyone on your list.


I cant even begin to tell you how fantastic this is! If all of the toffee that you make is anything like this, .I cannot wait until the store opens to buy different varieties.....I'm so addicted....

The ultimate in product and delivery

I ordered this product for my sister's birthday. When it arrived in 80 degree weather, it was packed to perfection with cold packs neatly placed in the beautiful gold tin. She was so amazed and immediately had to call me to tell me how nice it was. Not only was the toffee super yummy but she loved the beautiful gold tin it was packed in that she can use over and over. Thank you so much, I'll be coming back!

Bet you can't eat just one piece !!

There are no words to describe how wonderful this Dangerous Stuff is.

Best Toffee!

The toffee is so delicious! It really is dangerous- I can't stop eating it!

It is GONE!!

There is a reason this stuff is called Dangerous Stuff! One bite and your hooked!

Dangerous Stuff

This IS Dangerous to any diet!!! Served it after Easter Dinner and I stood by and watched it being devoured by those who gave up chocolate or sweets for Lent!!! Two small tins were gone in 30 minutes. My sister in-law found the Toffee House booth at the PA Christmas show about 10 years ago. I have been ordering this for Christmas and this was the first (but not last) Easter I ordered. My family has 6 people who are gluten free and they can have this!!! Thank you!!!